Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

Many congratulations to our most recent recipients of Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards – Chin Jou, Marco Duranti, and Pamela Maddock.

Dr. Chin Jou received an award for Excellence in Teaching, particularly for her work in HSTY2609: African-American History, to foster cultural competence and equip students to be informed and thoughtful members of contemporary society, and link the past with the present in engaging and accessible ways.

One of her nominees wrote: “Dr. Jou has worked assiduously in creating an innovative and intellectually rigorous learning environment for students that is based on a carefully plotted structure, supportive discussion and lectures, timely feedback, and an ability to engage the students with references to contemporary events. … I am constantly amazed by the reach of the connections Dr. Jou makes in her teaching, and her ability to make history come alive. … From my own experience discussing and co-designing curriculum changes and new pedagogies, I know her to be a creative, caring, and engaged teacher who works tirelessly to create exceptional and supportive learning environments. She is a brilliant teacher who is not only committed to research-led teaching, but also to an engaged and inclusive pedagogy that brings out the absolute best in students from a range of backgrounds and abilities (and indeed, she is also a leading figure in the department in developing cultural competence skills among both students and staff alike).”

Dr. Marco Duranti also received an Excellence in Teaching award primarily for his work in teaching innovation as part of a 2018 DVC-E Strategic Education Grant (‘Developing Digital Literacy in Human Rights History’), which he then used in units including HSTY2616: The Human Rights Revolution and HSTY2652: Genocide in Historical Perspective.

One of his support letters wrote: “Marco is an outstanding teacher, whose energetic, engaging lecturing style and passionate commitment to structured, accessible and technologically supported unit delivery have made him one of the History Department’s most popular and effective lecturers. … In the digital literacy space Marco’s initiatives have been particularly innovative and effective. He has transformed students’ experience by equipping them with the tools and skills needed to extract and manipulate data to solve complex research problems. He has supported the development of digital literacy not only within in his own units, but across his department, School and Faculty. The History Department is fortunate to have such a skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, whose ability to ignite and retain his students’ interest is attested by their choice of research topics in his field for senior essays and honours theses, long after taking his undergraduate units.”

Finally, Dr. Pamela Maddock received a Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutorials with Distinction for her work in FASS2200: Great Books that Changed the World and HSTY2609: African-American History and Culture.

One of her support letters wrote: “Pam is a skilled and experienced tutor whose depth of disciplinary expertise and outstanding capabilities as a facilitator of classroom discussion are well recognised amongst my colleagues in the History Department. What strikes me in particular … is Pam’s willingness to share the benefit of her classroom experience collegially and as a matter of teamwork, spreading her excellent practice through the department rather than developing it only for the benefit of her particular students. This kind of give-and-take and collegial exchange is a feature of the best teaching relationships in the department.”

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Excellence Awards program is designed to recognize and reward the teaching excellence of staff at all career levels, to encourage teachers to engage in reflective teaching practices, and to promote and support the development of high quality and innovative teaching.

Recipients have demonstrated an evidence informed approach to critical reflection on teaching and learning, evaluation of their teaching practice, engagement with higher educational research, and a focus on improving student learning.

Awards were presented by the Dean, Professor Annamarie Jagose on Monday, 28 October 2019 at MacLaurin Hall.

The 2019 Teaching Awards recipients were:
Excellence in Teaching
Dr Michael Abrahams-Sprod (SLC)
Dr Benn Banasik (SLAM)
Dr Anastasia Burkovskaya (Economics)
Dr Jon Callow (SSESW)
Dr Joe Collins (SSPS)
Dr Eleanor Cowan (SOPHI)
Dr Marco Duranti (SOPHI)
Dr Yunjong Eo (Economics)
A/Professor Charlotte Epstein (SSPS)
Dr Susan Heward-Belle (SSESW)
Dr Mitchell Hobbs (SLAM)
Dr Alexander Howard (SLAM)
Dr Chin Jou (SOPHI)
A/Professor David Macarthur (SOPHI)
Dr Eyal Mayroz (SSPS)
Dr Janica Nordstrom (SSESW)
A/Professor Aek Phakiti (SSESW)
Dr Maria Quigley (SSESW)
Mrs Christel Rome (SLC)
Dr Alix Thoeming (SOPHI)
Dr Matthew Thomas (SSESW)
Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez (Economics)
Dr Huy Vu (Economics)
Dr Thea Werkhoven (SSESW)
Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutorials with Distinction
Mr Tristan Bradshaw (SSPS)
Mr Patrick Locke (SSPS)
Dr Pamela Maddock (SOPHI)
Mr Dashiell Moore (SLAM)
Ms Leanne Stevenson (SSPS)
Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutorials
Miss Elena Carletti (SLC)
Mrs Katherin Cartwright (SSESW)
Dr Daniel Dixon (FASS)
Dr Kirk Dodd (SLAM)
Dr Ben Egliston (SLAM)
Mr Oliver Gordon (SOPHI)
Dr Gil Hizi (SSPS)
Dr Amelia Kelly (SLAM)
Mrs Nada Labib (SSESW)
Ms Marlena Lutz-Hughes (SLAM)
Ms Georgia Monaghan (SLAM)
Ms Carrol Quadrio (SLAM)
Dr  Rosmawati (SSESW)
Ms Tara Smith (SLAM)
Ms Xueting Wang (Economics)
Miss Laura Welty (SSPS)
Ms Samantha Zhan Xu (SLC)