History of Ice Rinks and Ice Skating in Australia

The history of ice rinks and ice skating in Australia is not that long due to Australia’s climate and weather. The first official dates for the start of ice skating in Australia is 1904. In September 1904, the first artificial ice skating rink “the Glaciarium” opened in Adelaide, South Australia. There have been un-supported reports of a Sydney rink on Pitt Street in the late 1870s-early 1880s, which research has not been able to corroborate. The Glaciarium in Adelaide was only open for about a year and today is the home of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.
Newman Reid was said to be a pioneer of national ice sports and the founder of ice hockey in Australia. Reid was born in 1862 in Rochester, Kent. He was apart of the entrepreneurial syndicate that established the first ice rink in Australia, the Adelaide Glaciarium in 1904. Reid’s syndicates then went on to build the first ice rinks in Melbourne 1906 and Sydney 1907. “His world-class facilities for figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey were built with venture capital over a century ago and produced the first two generations of National ice champions, and many others who represented Australia at Olympic and World Championships”.
Mr. Dunbar Poole, a Scot, arrived in Adelaide around 1903 to find a group of like minded people interested in ice skating. This included future manager Newman Reid. They opened the rink in Adelaide in a building formerly used as cyclorama with the refrigeration being piped many metres from an ice works down the street.
The Sunday times newspaper article from July, 1907 introduces the first Sydney Glaciarium. The article states that ice skating is now not limited to those in “chilly districts”. A Sydney Morning Herald article from later that month also speaks of the Sydney Glacirarium opening. This article describes the rink below;
“Skating on the frozen lake to an Englishman is a pleasant and healthful exercise, but it is a pastime that is not easily obtainable in sunny Now South Wales, especially in the busy thoroughfares of a city like Sydney. Consequently in introducing ice skating to this city the management of the Glaclarium hopes to awaken pleasant memories in the minds of those who have previously skated in the fens of the motherland, and at the same time to raise a keen interest in this pastime in the minds of the people of Sydney who up to the present have known no other method than that of roller skating.”
Sydney Glaciarium
The timeline below shows some of the ice rinks operating in Australia prior to the 1970s. All Ice Rinks opened prior to the 1970s are closed, leaving Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, the longest running ice rink in Australia. It opened it 1971, and will soon be celebrating its 50 year anniversary.
1904-1908 Adelaide Glaciarium
1906-1923 Melbourne Glaciarium
1907-1955 Sydney Glaciarium
1938-1951 Ice Palais – Sydney Showground
1939-1981 St Moritz Ice Rink – Melbourne
1949-1955 Perth Ice Palais
1959-1996/7 Prince Alfred Park ice skating rink – Sydney
1960-1963 Bondi Junction Ice Rink
1963-late 1970s Hindley Street Ice Skating Rink – Adelaide
1963-1982 Premier Ice Rink – Perth
1964-1969 Burwood Glaciarium

Canterbury Ice Rink – The Ice Skating Club of NSW Co-Operative Ltd – A HISTORY
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16 thoughts on “History of Ice Rinks and Ice Skating in Australia”

    1. Where can I upload some of my photos from skating days at Burwood Glacierium?
      I skated and competed there for many years under the guidance of Nita Solomon. Gretchen Black was also a teacher at that time. Other skaters were Margaret Doolan, Debbie Donaldson, Belinda Couthart and my list goes on . . . I would love to see any of the old Christmas pantomimes that we performed.

  1. I used to go to school with Shirley Spencer in prahran and she was a prefect
    in our senior grade.
    I always wondered where her ice skating career went for her and what that career led to.
    I have thought about Shirley and her sister Fay over the years and hoped that they had fulfilling lives.
    I just turned 70 years and my thoughts turned towards them.
    If you know of any footage that would be helpful to me I would be very grateful. My mum skated at the Glaciarium and I skated at St Moritz
    Thank you

  2. Wow! That’s so interesting. I used to go to that icerick back in the day, when I was both young and limber ha! Had a girl on the local figure team we used to call Tanya Harding. Great memories.

  3. Hindley Street ice rink was great. Small but we enjoyed going therefor years. Became very efficient ice skaters. Wonder how much people remember it now

  4. There was a ice skating rink at Hurlstone Park in New Canterbury Road in the 1960s. It was in the old Hurlstone Park cinema. The ice rink opened around 1960 after the closure of the cinema and was open for around six or seven years. Canterbury ice rink was built adjacent to Canterbury swimming pool. Records indicate that the ice rink was built in 1971, however this is incorrect as I remember skating at the Canterbury ice rink in the 1960s, probably late 1960s. For interest the Canterbury and Hurlstone Park ice rinks we’re both operating at the same time in the mid 1960s.

    1. There was also a rink at Maroubra Junction in the 60’s and also there was one at Homebush. I also recall one on the upper north shore, don’t recall the suburb, it was run by Ronny Mann. Also they had one over the Olympic Pool at Auburn.

  5. Hi, I believe you have an error regarding the starting year for Canterbury ice rink. You show it as opening in 1971. I believe it opened in 1967. Both my wife and I lived just a couple of streets from the location. At the time it was constructed I was walking past it every day on the way to Canterbury High School. My recollection is that I was in 1st year. Which makes it 1967. Possibly I could have been in 2nd year, but certainly no later. I recall the day it opened ( a Sunday I think) and my friends and I went to the opening and were sliding around in the pools of water in front of the TV crew thinking we would get on the nightly news,which we didn’t). My wife remembers walking home from primary school with her friend talking about going ice skating and she was in either 5th class or 6th class which would make it 1967 or 1968. In 1971 (the year she became my girlfriend) she was in 3rd year at high school school and had not been friends with that girl for years. Originally it didn’t have a roof and only operated in winter. Later it got a roof and later still it was enclosed as it is now. Perhaps 1971 was when it was enclosed. Regards, Stephen

  6. Trying to trace anyone who knew of George Le Mottee or Ron Charlton skating at the Glacerarium around the 30s or 40s. Ron lived at Hunters Hill … cheers

  7. we often forget the “little” rinks that grew up after the television revolution hit the local cinemas. Hurlstone park has been mentioned which was the first rink at which I taught skating. Five Dock and Homebush were converted cinemas but before them there was a purpose built rink at Bondi Junction and let’s not forget the rink at Central Railway in Prince Alfred Park. The area in the park was a swimming pool in the summer then in winter the sunbaking area became the ice rink. It eventually became a “round the year rink” open air at first then gaining a cover to allow skating in poor weather.

    1. Fond memories of Prince Alfred Park pool and ice skating rink, both learning how to swim and skate in the early 60’s there. My father played Ice Hockey there and represented Australia in speed skating, racing against John Bradbury who represented New Zealand, the father of Stephen Bradbury the Gold medal winner for Australia.

  8. My dad bill lang was the mechanic that first kicked off the machine to make ice for the very first time. We all had helped put theater seats in but they had to be removed as a fire hazard . Us kids used to go back and forwards through to the pool while are parents were working

  9. There was Ice Skating in Geelong in the 1950s. Does anyone have any information about this or any photos?

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