History in the Making

In History in the Making, one of our three undergraduate capstone units, students write an essay of 4500 words on a research topic of their own devising in any field of history. Here we bring together the abstracts of papers crafted over the past semester, 2018, showcasing the breadth and depth of historical research this unit inspires. This year, the unit was coordinated and taught by Professor Penny Russell and Dr. James Findlay
Where their authors have granted permission, the essays themselves can also be read. We are excited to present this rich collection, as an inspiration to future students and a tribute to the present generation of historians in the making.
Struggle within a Struggle: The Palestinian women’s movement
Gladys Agius

The Palestinian women’s movement for equality and equal rights moved slowly in the decades after the Oslo Peace Accord failures. Israel imposed extreme restricting conditions on Palestinians’ freedom of mobility and encroached on agricultural land to establish settlements for Jewish communities. At the same time Palestinian males experienced excruciating high levels of unemployment and women faced restrictive job opportunities producing further crisis in Palestinian society and family life. Women were faced with intense pressures, to contribute to the family’s budget, seek employment in unfavourable conditions, and maintain family harmony. The progress for gender issues is hindered by patriarchy. Muslims mainly subscribe to strict shari’a laws which are opposed to liberal concepts of women’s independence and equal rights. Consequently education and training for women became extremely important to raise women’s voice in politics. Post Oslo the intervening years were marred by confusion and disagreements of leaders and factions which weakened Palestine’s government (PA) voice and power. Subsequently prominent women academics called for women to be returned to the national forum to represent all Palestinians. At this stage women’s journey to equality and human rights is a “work in progress” and is held firmly in the sights of twenty-first-century Palestinian women.
The Ngô Đình Diệm Coup d’État: Exposing the façade of the United States Nationalist Globalist mission in Vietnam?
William Bailey

Under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, the world was told that in accordance with its Nationalist Globalist ideology the United States was escalating its involvement in the Civil War between North and South Vietnam. Nationalist Globalism is the ideal of America’s divinely ordained mission to bring freedom and liberal democracy to all nations of the world. Was the U.S. in Vietnam for this two-sided mission? This paper looks at the U.S. policy makers’ decision to support a coup against South Vietnam’s President that took place on November 1st, 1963. It argues that although some did believe in America’s mission, the fact that they supported this coup diminishes the significance of the American Nationalist Globalist ideology in association with their goals.

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History In the Making: HSTY3901 Student Feedback Semester 1, 2015

Overall students found History in the Making to be a stimulating and engaging course, with 98% of them agreeing HSTY 3901 had been intellectually rewarding. The course enabled these students to become advanced readers and writers of history, leaving one student feeling that completing History in the Making was ‘a challenging, yet enjoyable and uplifting experience’.

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Tutor’s Review HSTY3901

The ‘History in the Making’ unit has produced some fantastic research projects.

By James Findlay
The ‘History in the Making’ unit has produced some fantastic research projects. The breadth of topics as well as the quality of the finished writing has been a real joy to watch develop over the semester. I have enjoyed immensely the variety of weekly in-class lectures, panels and guest speakers, all of which provided invaluable insights into the craft of history writing. On top of this, a major highlight has been watching the student research clusters workshop each other’s projects. The level of investment the cohort have demonstrated to each other’s work has been unique to my experience in teaching, and it was wonderful to see students actively helping to shape each other’s ideas in a variety of intelligent and creative ways.

‘Historians in the Making’

One of the most rewarding parts of teaching ‘History in the Making’ has been the process of seeing ‘Historians in the Making’.

By Kirsten McKenzie, UoS Coordinator ‘History in the Making’
One of the most rewarding parts of teaching ‘History in the Making’ has been the process of seeing ‘Historians in the Making’. Across the semester I have enjoyed seeing the way in which the students involved in this class have emerged as independent scholars, both in their specific skills and more generally in their attitude towards their work. The collegiality that students have shown in their research clusters – commenting in constructive ways on their colleagues work, being prepared to take those adjustments on board – have offered a model of enthusiastic professionalism to us all.

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