Assyrian Australian National Federation- Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide

When the deputy director told me that the organisation will definitely publish my piece on their new website, or transform it into a speech as a commentary for all the hard work and achievements of the organisation, I already felt a sense of accomplishment and definitely a lot of excitement. As a second generation Assyrian, I always knew I wanted to give back to my Assyrian community for the preservation of our Assyrian heritage and culture. So as I attended the first tutorial of History Beyond the Classroom, working with the Assyrian Australian National Federation was an instinct. The Assyrian Australian National Federation is a sector of the Assyrian Universal Alliance who have gone a long way in defending the Assyrian name and making representations of the Assyrian community in the State and Federal Parliaments of Australia. The organisation would like me to create a link on the new website they are making to discuss the Assyrian genocide of 1914, the unveiling of the Assyrian genocide monument, the NSW parliament’s recognition and the steps they continue to take for federal and international recognition. I know this project will be rewarding as I know I am going to acquire a great deal of knowledge whilst completing this project and I know this will be published for many people, including the youth, who can also be advocates of continuous unification of the Assyrian peoples and the continuous teachings of the Assyrian language, culture and history.