Teaching Commendations

The Department is very pleased to note that two more of our colleagues received Teaching Commendations for their outstanding work last semester – including one of our most senior Professors in the Department, as well as one of our most recent PhD recipients.
Professor Penny Russell received a Dean’s commendation for her work on Convicts and Capitalists.
Dr. Ben Vine received one for his outstanding teaching on the unit, HSTY 2666: American Revolutions.
It should be noted that this was the first time Ben coordinated and taught a full unit, and he started the course about three days after he submitted his PhD!
Like Sophie Loy-Wilson’s recent commendation, both Ben and Penny’s Unit of Study Survey (USS) data showed that their score on the USS item relating directly to student satisfaction of teaching effectiveness was in the top quartile of the School’s performance. In addition, Ben and Penny’s focus on student feedback and engagement was also in the top quartile.
As the Dean, Annamarie Jagose, notes:
“This very positive student perception of teaching impact places your unit in the upper tier of units of study offered by the School and indeed Faculty. Given the high standards we set for ourselves, this is an outstanding achievement.”
“Just as we celebrate excellence in scholarship and research, so should we acknowledge the commitment, expertise and outcomes of our foremost teachers. On behalf of all our colleagues, please accept my personal congratulations and thanks for your exemplary contribution to the Faculty’s educational mission. Your success in fostering a positive learning environment within and beyond the classroom is critical to our success as a Faculty and University.”
Well done, Ben and Penny. Terrific work.

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