First Class: History Beyond the Classroom

More history through this way resized.jpg
HSTY 3902 – History Beyond the Classroom is now underway again in 2016. Thanks to those who made it to the first class yesterday. The sites that I referred to in the introduction are as follows:
For the blog from last year that has student reflections on the course, as well as evaluations from community partners and lecturer and tutors, see the blog posts below.
You can also view the class website that showcases some of the student projects from last year at:
You can also view a summary of the course in the first issue of SOPHI magazine, which can be accessed here:
And please feel free to join me on twitter at: @HstyMattersSyd and also our new facebook site:
If you are an enrolled student, you can find a tape of the introductory meeting here, which contains some important information about the unit:
I look forward to seeing you all next Monday.