Ashfield Polish Club Update

Ashfield Polish Club update: My documentary is slowly taking shape! It has been an incredibly rewarding experience but I still have a lot to do. This unit as a whole has completely reshaped my approaches to history and personalized the experience of history immensely. Hearing everybody speak yesterday was so incredible and thanks to everyone who shared where they are at with their projects!! Inspiring me to work harder! The Polish community in Sydney and the wider area has been incredibly accommodating and this project has been a LOT of fun. As I said in an earlier post, check out the Polish Club’s website and Facebook! website: Facebook: Looking forward to seeing what everybody finishes up with at the end of the semester and to hear about ongoing work!

Ashfield Polish Club

For my major project I hope to work with the Ashfield Polish Club in order to produce a small documentary exploring what the club means for both Polish and Australian people in a contemporary setting. I would love to explore the origins of the club and how it has transformed over the years and document this history. I have met some incredibly colourful and vibrant characters during my visits so far, and I am currently waiting on a response from the Board of Directors regarding whether or not my project will go ahead. On my last visit I spent several hours speaking to an old member in the depths of the on-site library. There are hundreds of books in there and I would have uploaded pictures but I am unfortunately not technologically savvy enough for such ventures. I will leave you to imagine the rows of books cramped into an old building behind the club officially dubbed the ‘Polish House’. Hopefully the members will be willing to be interviewed because there is so much history there. If you are ever passing through Ashfield on Sundays then I highly recommend dropping in for a drink and some pierogi in the afternoons!!