Media Pitch for History Project on Sylvania High School – Phillip Charleston

The history of Sylvania High School is an important story for the community of Sylvania that needs to be told. The school has come a long way since 1970 and despite being built recently compared with others, it has maintained a high level of academic excellence. The school has had to face severe competition with older, more established schools in the area and has seen some dark times, like during the 90s when the school was struggling to find numbers. However, despite the community changing around it, Sylvania High has remained a stalwart of the local community and Southern Sydney.
The project will make Sylvania High unique in the Shire as having its story told on a public domain on their website. This project has been ambitious in scope, having to start almost from scratch in obtaining information, relying on the oral accounts of past teachers. Like the school, which rose from a rubbish tip and a swamp, my project has taken shape from nothing to provide a foundation for future research at the approach of the school’s 50th anniversary.