History Beyond the Classroom: a conversation at week 6

This year’s cohort for HSTY 3902 is small and dedicated. So far, we have been discussing a range of issues in the classroom about undertaking public or community history projects. These have included matters of respect and ethical engagement, representation and the nature of evidence. We’ve been lucky enough to have visits from former 3902 students Erin Blanchfield and Sarah Graham; Anna Clark (UTS); Sally Zwartz; and Michaela Cameron (University of Sydney).
Thinking about what we’ve learned and discussed thus far, students decided to write a blog entry in the form of a conversation, following a prompt I put up on our class website. The prompt was: what do you think are the most important skills to develop when engaging in a community or public history project? Here are the responses:

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Welcome to The Pitcairn Project

Manava! Here you will find entries and soon other tools for exploring the history of tapa making on Pitcairn Islands. Tapa cloth is usually produced by women, and the story of tapa making by Tahitian women who accompanied the Bounty mutineers in recreating a human society on the islands beginning in 1790 is a critical one for understanding women’s history in the Pacific.
This project is being undertaken by Masters in Museum and Heritage Studies and History Honours students here at the University of Sydney. We welcome your thoughts and feedback!