Sydney Jewish Museum Week 2 – Creating the Outline

Tyler Krantz is documenting his work with the Sydney Jewish Museum for History Beyond the Classroom 2019. Read the other posts in his series here.

This week, I worked to create an outline of the more specific goals that I wanted to accomplish for this project. I started with changes that could happen immediately, the first being determining the institution’s carbon footprint. I have asked for help from those I have met at the museum to learn more about how the employees commute to work, the events that they hold, and their shipping trends as well. This will allow me to figure out gaps in where the SJM is falling behind. Secondly, I am looking into using their resources more efficiently, including cups, plates, straws, utensils, and more. I am researching wooden utensils, paper straws, and water bottles for the staff members, to figure out pricing for the products.

Moreover, I am looking into what some other local museums are doing as well, mostly the Australian Museum, which has taken a big stance on environmental change. Additionally, I am helping to arrange an energy audit, and I am continuing to educate myself on the advantages of this report. I have been speaking with SJM contacts Breann and Roselyn about co-heading a Green Team to educate the employees, and to help inform the public as well.

I have already worked to create the first project with the help of the marketing team. We want to put signs up in the bathrooms and by the drinking fountains to remind employees and visitors of the impact that they have when they use a paper cup or a paper towel. The longer-term projects I am continuing to work on will be highlighted in a later post. I sent this outline to Breann and Roslyn, who are both very excited about the direction that I am taking. They also both liked the mock-posters that I created to help point them in the right direction.

Mock poster for Sydney Jewish Museum.
Mock poster for Sydney Jewish Museum.