Maltese Community Council of NSW

I have always been interested in History for as long as I can remember. From going through family photo albums with my grandparents and hearing the many stories of the various people in these images to acquiring my Dad’s obsession of documentaries and old maps. My interest in history began with my personal families history but has extended.
The organisation I am working with for my project is the Maltese Community Council of NSW, based in West Parramatta. The Maltese Community Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) is an umbrella organisation currently with 15 associated organisations across NSW but with many is Sydney. The MCC’s primary goal is to assist these organisations, which provide services to the local Maltese/Australian Community. A further focus of the organisation is continuing to foster Maltese language and culture in Australia and providing services for the elderly.
Engaging with this organisation and the Maltese community has allowed my to learn about the local history of another part of Sydney. My recent meetings with the Maltese Community Council and hearing stories about Maltese community in Australia has highlighted to me the importance of migration history. Despite not being connected to the Maltese community directly I am able to appreciate the importance of migration history and preservation of culture and language. Personally my grandfather immigrated to Australia post WWII similarly to many in the Maltese Community and further living in Wareemba in the Inner West, there is a strong Italian community which celebrates migration and cultural traditions.
I am currently assisitng the organisation in designing a document of key achievements. From this document of key achievements I am designing a brochure and the information will also be put on the website, which I will try to assist in updating. Beginning my research into the MCC it is clear that this organisation has had continual positive impact. From key achievements of the publication of the ‘Maltese Herald’ a bi-lingual newspaper, to being heavily involved in the landmark decision of Dual Citizenship for Maltese Australians and continuing to assist the Australian Maltese Community providing cultural, sporting, language and many more services. The MCC expressed by the organisation was a desire to connect to the younger generation of Maltese Australians, to generate greater interest in Maltese cultural and community organisations. Through my project I hope to highlight the achievements of this organisation and the great community work they continue to do.