Quarantine stories

Come and join ‘History Beyond the Classroom’ students who will be presenting their work on Sydney’s Quarantine Station on site on Sunday 22 November https://wordvine.sydney.edu.au/files/1652/10591/
Scratching the surface: life after the first quarantine
Molly Clarke
What’s in a headstone? A look into the shipping networks of the early Quarantine Station
Jacob Mark
Qantas and the Q Station: a shelter from the storm
Miguel Alzona
Operation Babylift: Vietnamese refugees at the Quarantine Station
Stephanie Barahona

Sunday 22 November 2015
This talks programme will be held in the former laundry building, located in the wharf area of the Q Station; click this link for a map and travel information: Click this link for a map and travel information http://www.quarantinestation.com.au/Contact-Us/getting-to-q-station.html%20
This event is free.