“You can see the finish line…”

Considering that my project centers on a rugby league club, I thought I’d start off with one of the great sporting clichés. It’s almost hard to believe that in under a month our final projects will be revealed. I spent the last blog post giving a little bit of a background on why I undertook work with Wests Archives, so this one will be dedicated to the project itself. A detailed account of my trials and tribulations….
Like many of the students of Beyond the Classroom, I’ve found that my projects had meandered and molded as time has passed. Having now set my sights on producing a short film for the club, preparation work has been under way. Having actually never made a video before, I must admit that I am somewhat anxious. With shooting next Saturday, It’s going to be a really stretched to ensure that everything is organized and that the day runs as smoothly as possible. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed it becoming closer to the people involved throughout the organization. Founder of the club, Scott Morris has been so helpful in helping me organize the material for the project. Late night phone calls and rather rushed Facebook posts have meant that we have been able to gather enough support to get this video off the ground. I’ve included a few of the screenshots from the Facebook page for you guys to see below.
On the 5th of November, Scott has organized a jersey handout to coincide with the interviewing for the video. This should be really helpful in gauging some meaningful responses from members of the Fanatics. I’ll be asking questions about:
– What the club means to them as members of the Western Sydney Community. (Hopefully invoke some responses relating to class and ethnicity here)
– Why exactly it’s important to preserve the culture of the Rugby League Club.
– Why creating public history for the organization is helpful for their growth and sustainability.
I really hope to capture this kind of sentiments on camera. As the script progresses, I feel that it’s important to remember that I am writing history for other people. This is not a video about what this team means to me. But rather, why it plays such a pivotal role in the lives of those who breathe Magpies culture day in and day out. With over 3000 members, I encourage all of you to have a look at the group’s facebook page. I’ve included a link below to if any of you want to have a peek at the kinds of events and activities they get up to.
I think thats about everything I have to update you guys with. So I’ll leave you all with another sporting cliché that maybe everyone can use as life gets a little more stressful as deadlines emerge.
“Keep your eye on the ball..”